Romance on Rickshaw: Dhaka Rickshaw offers a sweet romance for lovers!

Dhaka is known as the rickshaw city of the world. Rickshaws of Dhaka are unique in features. Some pundits term Dhaka Rickshaw a store house of arts and culture. Every rickshaw in Dhaka has its own specialty as far as color and arts are concerned. Rickshaws in Dhaka are featured with the images of popular movie stars, natural scenery, fine arts, cartoons and many more.

How sweet this journey!

If we talk about Dhaka romance then rickshaw plays a vital role in that romance. Dhaka lovers love rickshaw for their sweet dating. Rickshaw is the cheapest and easiest means to have a dating. Many Dhaka lovers have their first kiss on rickshaw. Lovers have the opportunity to get closer on rickshaws.

Feel the warm on a rainy day!

On a rainy day when lovers feel the romance in a passionate mood rickshaw is the only way to have the warm of romance. Some Dhaka lovers like to get wet in light rain riding a rickshaw. Drizling adds more spice to romance on rickshaw. In a rainy day rickshaw is covered with a plastic/polythene sheet with hood opened. This polythene sheet protects rickshaw riders from heavy rain.

At night

Dhaka couples who want to avoid dhaka park emotional romance like rickshaws. Rickshaw offers them some sweet moments in their romantic love. Dhaka couples love this noise and black smoke free vehicle for their sweet romance.

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