Google to Launch Chrome Operating System in 2010

Google has announced in a press release on Tuesday 7 July that it will launch a operating system (OS), Chrome, for laptops and notebooks in 2010. The operating system is seen as a challenge to Microsoft. The key features of the system will be 'speed, simplicity and security'.
The new system will allow developers to use ordinary web development tools rather than a specialized development kit. According to Google press release the new OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get the browser onto the web in a few second.

The first notebooks running Chrome will be brought onto the market in the second half of 2010. Users will also be able to install Google Chrome in their PCs. Google Launched Chrome, a browser for windows in last fall.

Ami Banglai gaan gai: I am singing in Bengali!

Ami Banglai Gaan Gai.... it is a melodious bangla song sung by Mahmuduzzaman Babu of Bangladesh. This song is featured in his album "Chokh Bheshe Jai Jole". This beautiful song is orginally written and sung by Pratul Mukherjee of India. It has created lots of controversies because Mahmuduzzaman Babu didn't mention the name of orginal creator of this song when he featured the song in his album. Enjoy the song...

Romance on Rickshaw: Dhaka Rickshaw offers a sweet romance for lovers!

Dhaka is known as the rickshaw city of the world. Rickshaws of Dhaka are unique in features. Some pundits term Dhaka Rickshaw a store house of arts and culture. Every rickshaw in Dhaka has its own specialty as far as color and arts are concerned. Rickshaws in Dhaka are featured with the images of popular movie stars, natural scenery, fine arts, cartoons and many more.

How sweet this journey!

If we talk about Dhaka romance then rickshaw plays a vital role in that romance. Dhaka lovers love rickshaw for their sweet dating. Rickshaw is the cheapest and easiest means to have a dating. Many Dhaka lovers have their first kiss on rickshaw. Lovers have the opportunity to get closer on rickshaws.

Feel the warm on a rainy day!

On a rainy day when lovers feel the romance in a passionate mood rickshaw is the only way to have the warm of romance. Some Dhaka lovers like to get wet in light rain riding a rickshaw. Drizling adds more spice to romance on rickshaw. In a rainy day rickshaw is covered with a plastic/polythene sheet with hood opened. This polythene sheet protects rickshaw riders from heavy rain.

At night

Dhaka couples who want to avoid dhaka park emotional romance like rickshaws. Rickshaw offers them some sweet moments in their romantic love. Dhaka couples love this noise and black smoke free vehicle for their sweet romance.

How to Avoid Romance Scandal |

How to Avoid Romance Scandal |

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Bailey Road: A hot spot for deshi adda!

Dhakaiyas are famous for their juicy adda. Bangalees are nick named addabaz bangalees. In Dhaka, Bailey Road is one of the most popular spot for deshi adda. It is a classic road in Dhaka. Although people of all ages are flocked at this place but it is very popular to the students and youngsters. It is a place for decent and pure deshi adda.

All the amenities are available at Bailey Road that youngsters are looking for. What you want for adda? If you like pitha then Pitha Ghor is there. If you like ice-cream then ice-cream parlor is there. If you like book, then Sagar Publishers is there. If you need flower then flower shops are also there.

Footpath of both sides of Bailey Road are remain full of addabaz Dhakaiyas in the evening. In fact this popular hangout place is busy all day long. Youngsters and Natok (Drama) lovers are enjoying their adda with spicy Fuchka and Chotpoti. Fuchka of Bailey Road is famous in Dhaka. During the time of Bengali festivals this place becomes the center of colorful deshi adda.

Bailey Road is also famous for Deshi Sarees and Boutiques. All the famous deshi saree like Jamdani, Tangail, Dhakai saree are available here.

Internet lovers are also flocking here., one of the old and largest cybercafes in Dhaka is situated at Bailey Road. Youngsters and students are gathering here for online adda and chatting. This cafe is also very popular for group adda.

Fast food dating is very common at Bailey Road. Some of the fast food shops like Helvatia, Bamboo Castle, Golpea Burger, Dominous Pizza, Sausage, Swiss Bakery etc remain full of lovebirds from morning till night. Two new addition to these food shops are Boomers Cafe and Al-Baik. These two are very modern and offer both deshi food and continental fast food.

Mama Piaju is a food shop for very tasty and spicy food items (telebhaja). The Dhakaiyas who come here for adda have always taste these spicy foods.

Bailey Road is very famous for Theater (Mancho Natok). It is the heart of Dhaka's theater world. Two of the most famous and oldest theater auditoriums (mancho) of Dhaka are situated here. These are Mahila Samity Mancho and Guide House. Almost all the famous theater personalities and TV and cine actors are the products of these two theater houses. Dhaka mancho natok (theater) lovers come here in the evening.

Bailey Road has originally been named after Lt. Governor of Bengal Sir Steuart Bailey. But it was renamed as Natok Saroni (Theater Street) in 2005 in recognition of the road's contribution to performing arts in Dhaka. Although it is renamed, it is still familiar to the Dhakaiyas as Bailey Road.

This road is also famous for educational institutions for girls. Two of the most famous educational institutions namely Viqarunnisa Noon School & College and Siddeshwari Girl's School & College are situated at this road. Roadside romeos are seen roaming in and around these colleges and having adda at day time.

If you are a new comer to Dhaka and if you don't come to this classic place, you will miss a lot.

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The King of Pop Michael Jackson is no more!

Michael Jackson, the most popular pop star of the world and legendary performer died at 50 at his Beverly Hills residence, Los Angeles on Thursday, 25 June due to cardiac arrest. Billion of pop music lovers around the world including Bangladesh are shocked and saddened at his sudden demise.

Michael Jackson was famous for his ground breaking music and dance moves. He earned the nickname the King of Pop for his exceptional music performance. His 1980s hits such as Beat It and Billie Jean made him the unparallel pop singer of the world. His album Thriller, released in 1982 was the biggest-selling album of all time, selling 65 million copies, according to Guiness Book of World Records.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 at Gary, Indiana, USA. He was also known as Wacko Jacko. Some of the biggest hits of Michael Jackson are: I want you back, Don't stop till you get enough, Billie Jean, Bad, Black or White, Earth Song, etc.

The Pop music lovers all over the world lost their beloved Michael Jackson but his music would be rocking the world in many days to come. He was a icon and legend of pop music.

Michael Jackson is survived by his mother, Katherine, father, Joseph, three children and two ex-wives.

10 easy ways to popularize a new blog!

You can easily build a blog but you have to work really hard to popularize it. The ultimate goal of a blogger is to attract as many visitors as possible to his blog. There are many ways to bring traffic in your site.

Here are 10 easy ways to popularize your blog:
  1. Build your blog with original contents whatever you can write yourself. You may not write a standard and quality article over night but if you have patience and determination you can write quality article one day.
  2. Add your blog url to popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. and blog search engines and directories.
  3. Write as informative article as possible. Make sure about the authenticity of your information.
  4. Add your blog to popular social book marking site such as Digg, StumbleUpon.
  5. Read as many published blog as possible to get an over sight how other people write blogs. Use of some tricky and rich words can improve the quality of your writing.
  6. Some key words relevant to the topic can generate more traffic from search. So use some popular relevant key words in every article you write.
  7. Try to comment on other similar blogs and community social blog forums. Tricky and intelligent comments can bring traffic to your site.
  8. Allow people to comment on your blog and share their thoughts. Share your thoughts when people comment on your blog.
  9. Add your site to popular social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Twitter etc. Your friends would be interested to visit your site and could be given you valuable suggestions to improve your blog. They will also tell you what they want to read.
  10. Use feed of your blog site. You can use your feed as email signature. Feedburner is one the best for feed url.
Have patience and keep writing. Even if you don't receive many visitors don't stop writing. Your hard work and patience will definitely bring sweet result for you in near future.

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Persona: A brand in beauty care industry of Bangladesh!

Persona is an organization which provides world class beauty care services with all new features that anyone can ever dream off in Bangladesh. Whoever thought about a beauty parlor with management team, executives, service providers and many other stake holders? The visionery of this vision is Kaniz Almas Khan.

Kaniz Almas Khan

Kaniz Alamas Khan, MD and founder of Persona, a renowed makeover artist, beauty specialist and successful woman entrepreneur in Bangladesh. She has discovered people's beauty in a new dimension which turned her into a successful woman entrepreneur in Bangladesh.

She had a deep passion on beautification of human being. Her passion for beautification and the desire to do something creative and independent led her to become a woman entrepreneur. She, herself was lucky enough that she got a very supportive mother-in-law who gave immense support both mentally and financially.

Unusual but true fact is that her mother-in-law gave her initial business set up money. Then she started her first venture Glamour. Not only her mother-in-law but also all the in laws, husband and peer groups were her great support.

Starting from Glamour along with 9 performers in only 1200 sqft. Kaniz Alams Khan has reached to the current Persona. Now Persona is not a beauty care center only, rather its an institution of beauty and lifestyle where people can gather knowledge necessary to practice the art of beauty in a competent and professional manner. In 2005, she introduced the largest beauty care facility in Asia with around 200 performers working in 11000 sq. ft. with Studio Persona at Dhanmondi Road No. 27, Dhaka.

Kaniz Alamas Khan is not only the MD of Persona; she also established or going to establish many other business ventures. One of them is a global standard fashion magazine named Canvas, which is a sister concern of Persona. She is the editor of this global standard fashion magazine.

Persona has some other sister concerns. Some of them are: a very first-male beauty care center named Persona Adams, a joint venture beauty care center of Persona with famous Indian beauty care specialist Jawed Habib named Habibs@Persona at Gulshan, Dhaka, a Spa center named Persona Spa. Persona is going to open a Gym named Persona Health.

Persona has launched Persona Institute of Beauty and Life Style, the first ever institute of its kind in Bangladesh. It is an approved center of Edexcel International UK to offer BTEC Diploma in Bangladesh.

The beauty care industry in one of the fastest growing industries of Bangladesh. As the disposable household income is increasing and people are getting more concerned about their beauty and health day by day, the contribution of their disposable income in the beauty care sector is also increased significantly.

Unlike all other growing industries, there is a mushroom growth of small beauty care service providers all around the cities. But the number of high quality beauty care service providers is still not enough. Persona is indeed a milestone in this regard.

Along with the changes of social factors, the perception of mass people regarding beautification has changed also. Now, major portion of the women are educated and they are working in different organizations. They are getting more access to information and media, which makes them more concious about health and beauty.

Beautification is not a luxury now; it is a necessaity. Kaniz Alamas Khan is the pioneer of beautification industry of Bangladesh. And Persona is the most popular brand in this beauty care industry.

Trend in Home Mortgage: Dhaka middle class now dreaming for a flat!

Real estate market is expanding rapidly in Dhaka amid growing demand of apartments and land. Dhaka middle class inhabitants are now dreaming for a flat. Commercial banks and house finance companies are cashing from this dream of middle class by providing Home Mortgage loan.

Rich inhabitants of Dhaka are not usually taking loan from banks for apartments or land. Upper Middle class and middle class are the major borrowers of mortgage loans. Home mortgage business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Dhaka now.

Although the whole world is now experiencing severe economic recession, Bangladesh overall economy is not affacted that much yet. The mortgage industry in America is now in deep crisis. Mortgage industries of other developed countries are not in good shape either. But Dhaka home mortgage sector is growing in rapid pace.

According to 'Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh' (REHAB), there are about 283 companies working in real estate sector in Bangladesh. But only 83 companies are officially affiliated with the REHAB. These companies offer various type and size of flats and apartments to different income category people.

The major real estate companies are East West Property Development (Bashundhara Group), Sheltech, BTI, Asset Development, Amin Mohammad Foundation, Eastern Housing, Rupayan Housing, Concord etc. Bashundhara housing project is the biggest private sector real estate project in Dhaka.

All most all the commercial banks in Bangladesh now provide home mortgage loan at various interest rates ranging from 10 to 18 percent per annum. The middle class employees of different sectors and middle income businessmen are the major customers of housing loan.

There are two ways: direct and indirect, of getting home loans in Bangladesh. Mortgage loan borrowers can directly approach the bank for loan or they can go through the real estate companies from which they want to purchase apartments or house.

Some real estate companies arrange bank loans for their clients and sell apartments on credit. Some housing finance companies also arrange home loans for the apartment buyers and the real estate companies.

Leasing companies in Dhaka are not sitting idle. They also provide home loans. They are also eyeing on the retail consumers rather only on big corporate clients. Lease financing is also growing now.

Many old and small buildings and residential house are being demolished to build new high rise apartment buildings in Dhaka now. This trend is seen in almost every area of Dhaka from old to new Dhaka. If this trend continues, after 20 years there will hardly be any old and small building and house in Dhaka baring some old famous heritage buildings and structures.

Dhaka is now rising high. Land is the most valuable asset in Dhaka now. There is hardly any vacant space left in the key posh and commercial areas of Dhaka. So there is no way but to rise high.

Daylight Saving Time: Can it bring any good to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh pushed forward the clock an hour at 11.00pm on Friday night to better utilize daylight and save electricity. That means Bangladesh standard time now becomes GMT+7 from GMT+6

Bangladesh is experiencing severe electricity problems now even in the rainy seasons. Bangla month of Ashar is treated as the month of heavy rain. But there is hardly any rain in the aountry. Temperature is going high day by day and humidity is also high.

Severe load shedding makes life difficult for almost every people accross the country. Power department suggested this daylight saving plan to save at least 5% electricity and ease the perennial power crisis.

The success of daylght savings measures depends on how people adjust to new routines and get rid of habits. If the measures can be effectivly implemented then some electircity might be saved and thus ease the power crisis.

Some other developed countries successfully utilize this kind of daylight saving time. So this daylight saving plan may bring some benefits to Bangladesh as well.

Cool romantic deshi bangla song!

Enjoy some more cool bangla songs with excellent videos.

Swapno dekhbo bole: Moushumi Bhoumick

Benimadhob-Lopamudra Mitra!

Banglar Mati-Nirmala Mishra

Hajir Biriyani: A famous and delicious taste of Deshi Biriyani!

Biriyani is one of the most popular food item of Bangalees these days. Dhaka is famous for many delicious food items. Some of them are: Hajir Biriyani, Morog Mosallam, Fakruddiner Biriyani, Mama Halim, Bailey Road-er Fuchka, Chandu Miar Paan etc. Among them Hajir Biriyani is the best. Hajir Biriyani is not only the best in Bangladesh but also in the world. It is now world famous.

Hajir Biriyani started it's journey in 1935 by Haji Mohammad Hossain in Kazi Alauddin Road, Old Dhaka. This biriyani is made by small grain kataribhog rice, mustard oil and mutton. It is usually served on dried jackfruite leaves. It is also served on plate when people eat it at the very biriyani shop. It has to eaten steaming hot at the very restaurant for the whole experience.

Only two cauldrons of biriyani is cooked per day and the food usually runs out in less than 90 minutes early in the morning, and less than 45 minutes early in the evening. They never use any advertisement or have any signboard for this food. They never think its commercialization.

This is really a wonderful delicious food item in Dhaka. There is no report that anyone become sick from eating this fabulas food. The simplicity of Haji Saheb and his biriyani separate it from the other thousands food items of Bangladesh. And all the Bangalees love this biriyani so much.

Facebook: A new trend in online adda and communication!

People are getting more online savvy day by day. Social online networking sites play a big role in this regard. Social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster etc are the most popular all over the world.

People from all walks of life are now using these social sites. Youngsters are the major users of online communications blog sites. In Bangladesh Facebook is the most popular. It is a craze in Bangladesh. The youngsters even school students now use Facebook for juicy adda and sharing stuffs.

Facebook provides all the stuff that youngsters looking for. Maintaining a personal profile on Facebook is a must for students who use internet. Scraping is also getting popular nowadays. Banglalee internet users usually stuck in different chatting portals like Banglacafe, mIRC, MSN and Yahoo chat etc.

But now many popular chat rooms are getting closed. Bangalee chatters are now switching to Facebook for keeping in touch with their friends. Community building is also a popular stuff in Facebook.

Almost all the cybercafes in Dhaka now keep Facebook as their default webpage so internet users can easily log on to their profile. Facebook is still not polluted by foul stuffs. So all the freshers find it very interesting. Facebook adds new spice to online adda and communication.

Monpura: A decent, romantic and record breaking deshi movie!

Dhakaiya bangla movies were very famous in seventies and eighties for decency, objectiveness and social issues orientation. Dhalywood lost its image due to low grade film making and obscenity from early nineties. Majority movie lovers hardly turn to cinema halls due to low quality and vulgarity in deshi films.

Situation has been changed for last few years when some famous and educated personalities started making Bangla movies. Famous novelist Humayun Ahmed has brought life in Dhaka movie industry by making few decent movies.

Monpura is new a Bangla full length feature film which hit cinema halls on February 13, this year. And it was a box office hit. It is the one of the finest deshi movie in recent time. Educated movie lovers back to cinema halls by virtue of this very decent movie.

Monpura is a film of deshi love and it reflects the simple lifestyle and rich heritage of Bangladesh. Gias Uddin Selim is the maker of this movie. All the songs of Monpura are very popular in Bangladesh at this moment. Chanchal Chowdhury and Farhana Mili are performed as the lead actors in this film. They have done superbly.

If the film makers like Selim can make such wonderful films more and more, Bangladesh film industry can be brought back to its glorious past.

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Can humor add spice to life?

Our daily life is full of anxieties, difficulties and concerns. Our life is becoming more difficult day by day. We cannot guarantee a happy life all through our life time. We have to go through bad patches in some stages of life. When life is full of miseries and dullness kills the time, we ought to look for remedies. Then humor can be handy to heal the pain of life.

Humor can make us laugh and smile. When we can laugh freely, we can forget our concerns, we can divert our disturbed mind and in the process we can add spice to our life.
How humor can be helpful in time of our difficulties?
  • Humor can make us laugh
  • Humor can decrease our anxieties
  • It can increase joy in our life
  • It can divert our disturbed mind to think differently
  • It can instantly change the state of mind
  • Humor can bring us together
  • It can add more spice to deshi adda
  • It can make any discussion lively
  • Humor can clear the heavy air around us
We need spice in our life to forget the real anxieties of life. Humor may not give us the solution of problems we are facing but it can instantly help us at least think differently for a realistic solution. But we have to use humor carefully. Excess and irrelevant humor can bring more disturbances in mind instead of refreshing mind. A timely and relevant interesting humor can make things easier. If we can take life easily in the time of difficulties, we can overcome any problem.

A good humor can add spice to our life but a bad humor can spoil our life. So if we want to get rid of pain of our life, we need to be more humorous. This world is full of joy for a person who loves humor and use humor. Humor is a great healer of pain. It can really bring joy to our life.

Dhaka Park: A safe haven for Emotional Romance!

Romance is something that people always like to keep secret. But how people do that? There must be some secret safe places. People of Dhaka always find it difficult to have safe and secret date. There is a scarcity of silent and safe places in Dhaka for dating. Dhaka love birds are always roaming for a safe secret place.

Ramna Park

Some of the parks in Dhaka are the major dating spots of Dhaka. Two major parks in Dhaka namely Ramna Park and Suhrawardy Uddyan adjacent to Dhaka University campus. These two parks are somehow treated as safe haven for Dhaka romance. People from all walks of life go to these parks for dating. Youngsters especially college and university students are dating in these parks.

Ramna Park is the largest park in Dhaka. It is probably the biggest dating spot in Bangladesh. Suhrawardy Uddyan is adjacent to Dhaka University campus. So usually the university students find it a safe place for emotional dating. There is a new trend in deshi romance. Youngsters usually choose these two parks to have secret emotional dating. The lovebirds who want to have a taste of chemistry of mind as well as body romance prefer park romance.

Today's daters sometimes dare to have fun with physical touch. And this is a new trend in Dhaka romance. Especially the educated lovebirds sometimes go beyond the definition of safe love to enjoy the excitement of very emotional love. Yes, Dhaka parks really offer the youngsters a safe place for emotional love. When they enter in these parks they virtually forget other things but romance.

Well, some other parks in Dhaka also offer safe dating. One of the most famous place is National Botanical Garden. It is the most silent dating place in Dhaka. Gulshan park and Baldah garden are also popular to the Dhaka daters. Sometimes some miscreants and non-dater visitors may hamper the emotional dating of Dhaka lovebirds. Otherwise Dhaka parks are the safe haven for emotional romance.

Nokia launch Ovi Mail in Bangladesh!

Nokia the leading mobile phone manufacturer launched Nokia Ovi Mail in Bangladeshi in May 2009. Nokia Ovi mail has the potential to help people have a digital identity. This new solution can open the door to information, entertainment, family and friends.

The Ovi mail is an email service from Nokia that can be set up and used directly from the affordable Nokia phone without having a PC touched. Ovi Mail is a cost effective and affordable means to communicate with friends. It also supports attachment and enables picture communication

All the N-Series and E-Series Nokia device are Ovi enable. But these device are quite costly in Bangladesh. So Nokia plans to introduce new cheap and user friendly device for Bangladesh market. Nokia 2323 Classic, Nokia 2330 classic and Nokia 2730 classic will be available in Bangladesh soon. These device are cheap and internet-ready and work with Ovi Mail.

It is estimated that there are about 45 million mobile set in Bangladesh where as number of internet users is only about 1 million. So there is a potential of about 4 million people who can use mobile internet and Ovi Mail. Nokia wants to tap this huge market of mobile internet by launching Ovi Mail service in Bangladesh.

Mobile Internet in Bangladesh: A new trend!

Internet is now very popular in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis first started to use internet in early nineties. Now internet service is available in every district of Bangladesh. Outside major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi people usually use Dial-up internet service. In Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet people usually use broadband internet service.

Although Bangladesh is now connected with the international submarine cable consortium, internet speed is still very low. A few kbs download speed is really poor comparing international standard. BTCL is the largest govt' internet service provider in Bangladesh. They provide both dial-up and broadband service. Private ISPs usually provide broadband internet service now, some ISPs still provide dial-up service though.

Out of two types of internet service a new type of internet service is emerged in Bangladesh. That is mobile internet service. All the mobile phone service providers now offer Wap and mobile internet service. Average cost for 1 kb download is BDT. 0.02 Some cell phone companies now offer internet modem. GrameenPhone offers USB EDGE/GPRS internet modem to use in both Desktop and Laptop computers. Citycell offers ZOOM CDMA internet modem.

Mobile internet is a new trend in Bangladesh. Educated people from all over the country now use mobile internet. If a person have a GPRS or EDGE enabled mobile set he can use internet and join the world of web easily. The major advantage of mobile internet in Bangladesh is that a subscriber can use internet from anywhere of the country where mobile network exist.

Largest mobile phone company Grameenphone also provide wap based contents by their wap site. Users can download favorite contents from GP wap site at a fixed cost. Cellbaazar is a new concept of e-commerce which is very popular in Bangladesh. By using Cell phone a subscriber now can trade at Cellbazaar and earn money.

3G and WiMax service will be introduced soon in Bangladesh. These technology can bring revolution in mobile internet service in Bangladesh.

Romantic Deshi Bangla songs!

Bangalees always love romantic and classical Bangla songs. Today's songs are basically noisy and so much instrumental. Rocks and Pops are the craze for young people. Band music is the love of young generation. But still some romantic and classical deshi songs rock the country time to time. Some of the recent songs are really very pleasant and popular. Enjoy some cool popular Bangla romantic songs.

Ami Swapno Dekhbo Bole-Moushumi Bhoumick

Megh Balika-Mahmuduzzaman Babu

Ajhor Brishti- Balam

Ek Paye Nupur Amar- Anila and Topu

Gaibona Aar Kono Gaan- Sumon and Anila

Ekta Gopon Katha-Topu

Trends in Deshi Love: Dark side of deshi romance!

Love comes from heaven, it's a popular perception. Decent romance can add spice to life, it is also true. But a new trend in love and romance which emerge in Bangladesh recently is really alarming. If you are a Bangladeshi and you surf the internet you will be thundered to find so many adult contents involving our young generation. Yes all most all of the videos and photos are captured by hidden cam.

It is true that the era of platonic love is over. Now love means high emotional romance, romance that involves physical touch. Love and romance are secret matters of individuals and none should have anything to say about that. And there is ethical laws to respect their privacy. But sometimes things go beyond that privacy boundary and go public. Then the real problem arise.

Our society is a conservative society. But easy access to highly sensitive internet and movies and satellite channels gives our younger generation the opportunity to be more adventurous for making emotional romance. Young blood can easily rush to the sensational part of their romance by watching hot movies and adult contents on internet. Mobile phone adds more fire to that blood of our young guns.

With the advent of digital camera embedded mobile phones, the practice of capturing secret love making has become common nowadays in our country. It's really a dangerous trend in making love and romance.

How things can happen?

Falling love with a boy is natural for a girl. Girls are usually very emotional and once a girl loves a boy, she blindly trusts her boyfriend. This blind love cost girls very badly. Whatever we call them; boyfriends, lovers, best friends, well wishers and even relatives are the culprits for this heinous act of capturing their girlfriends making secret love in secret camera. The female partners are completely unaware of the presence of the shooting.

Not all the boyfriends are bad. Only a small portion of boys inject such venom in our society which make all the dignified individuals feel embarrassed. Some people say they are the jealous or dumped boyfriends who take revenge by sharing videos and photos of their girl friends' secret love. Most of the victims of these heinous acts come from educated middle class families, and are the students of different universities.

The use of MMS adds more fuel to this unethical activity of some bad guys. It is astonishing to learn that some of the bad boyfriends intentionally trap the innocent girls in their juicy love affairs and exploit them in the name of love. Some of these evil young boys even sell these secret love making videos to the professional dealers at high price. They then sell these videos as hot cake to the young university and college students, even school students. Some students of famous schools in Dhaka are believed to be addicted to the adult contents and affairs.

Teenagers are more adventurous than matured persons. So they take adult things as adventure and they tempt to do such things themselves. Digital camera embedded mobile phone is a fashion and must for rich young people in Bangladesh. And some of them use this very cool instrument to catch secret parts of girls and their secret love making.

I think young children must be taught about the values of our society and ethical aspects of life to stop such bad practice. Use of web cam must be limited to check on live sharing of photos and secret parts of body. Girls should also be taught and learned about the heinous act of some boyfriends. They should be aware of the intention of her boyfriend and should avoid any kind of secret love making if there is any doubt about her boyfriend.

If we all follow the values of religion and our tradition, we can avoid such miseries of girls. There should a strict cyber law to check such adult contents uploading to internet. Privacy law should be enforced stringently. We also need to start a mass awareness campaign to prevent such crimes. Children must be provided enough opportunities to spend their spare time for healthy work and extracurricular activities.

Text message (SMS): A new trend in mobile phone communication!

Text messaging is a new trend in mobile phone communication. SMS is the easiest and cheapest way to send message over mobile phone. It is the best way to send message to any mobile receiver without disturbing that person, for example calling a person when he is in meeting.

In common sense we can say it is a good way to communicate with friends. But there should be a limit of sending sms. Sending hundred of sms in a day for nothing but flirting is not good at all for anyone. Specially teenagers and students should be aware of the bad impact of excessive sms. Sending text message all day long can hamper your study, can hamper your sleep, and can hamper your daily life.

Many teenagers and students are addicted to text message all over the world. Even in a country like Bangladesh youg people are over addicted to sms. It's a new trend in Bangladesh now. Some mobile phone operators in Bangladesh offer certain number of free sms to their customers on various conditions. Teenagers and students take this opportunity as hot cake and increase their addiction to text message.

Lets check how young people can be hurt by over addiction to sms.
  • Senders use short form of word, sometimes code to write sms. This will hamper their knowledge of word and their spelling. In the USA, some school found that some of their students who are addicted to text message write such short form of words in their exam papers.
  • Excessive text message can hamper study a lot. Sending hundred of sms can take long time which kills your study and sleeping.
  • Exchange of sex talks and adult jokes over mobile phone in the form of text message is another major bad impact of sms.
  • Addiction to anything is bad for a person. It creates psychological problem for teenagers.
  • A person can be exploited and black-mailed by bad text message. It can even create misunderstanding between the two partners.
Well, text message is a good way to send message but young people especially the teenagers and students should not be over addicted to text message. Use text message if you require that. Don't use text message for simply flirting with anyone, it can kill your valuable time.

Extramarital Romance: A new trend in deshi romance!

Romance is a common phenomenon. But extramarital romance was not common in our part of (deshi) world. But nowadays there is an upward trend in extra marital relationship and deshi romance. Extramarital affairs are very common in western society where marriage may not a criterion for having physical relationship but in conservative societies in subcontinent, marriage is treated as precondition to have physical relationship.

Well, sex is depending on the choice of individual. If anyone thinks he is adult and can have a sexual relationship with his/her partners she/he can. But our society doesn't permit sex without marriage. But still adult people have their choice and they are entitled to practice their choice.

Why deshi people tend to extra marital relationship?

Answer is not that easy.

A married couple may not be happy in their conjugal life and so both of them or one of them may turn for affairs with someone else to have some fresh spice in life. If one person isn't sexually and emotionally satisfied with his/her legal partner she/he may tend to go for extra marital romance.

There is an unhealthy trend in our society that a couple who dated earlier might not marry in the end for various reasons. That couple may marry two different persons, but they still can maintain a relationship which is treated as extra marital.

It is a common perception that people hardly can forget their teenage time dates. So even after marriage they may not forget their ex dates and could maintain an emotional relationship.

In a conjugal life, sex is the main criterion to maintain happy life. If there is any deficiency of sex then partners may be tempted to turn for extra marital.

A relationship is build on mutual trust, affection and respect to each other. If there is any lack of trust then that relationship could be spoiled.

Ignoring partner can also cause extra marital romance. When a partner sees she/he is repeatedly ignored byher/his legal partner s/he may tend to a new relationship.

Extramarital relationship is the theme of movies, novels, TV serials etc. People can easily influenced by these trends of different media. If a person watch such type of things days after days, it can have big impact on that person especially teenagers' mind.

Some people may even tempt to maintain extramarital relationship for more adventure and extra spice in emotional life. But it is clearly against the very fundamental of healthy conjugal life.

Is extra marital romance suitable for our society?

Our conservative society is based on religious values, ethical values, moral values, harmony in society and tradition of our society. Our society and ethics don't allow us to maintain extramarital relationship when a legal relationship exists. People usually keep extra marital relationship secret. But you cannot keep it secret for good. Your partner may know about it at some stage.

Yes, some people even tend to live together without any legal bindings, that's different thing. Our society doesn't allow that as well. I think sexual relationship without marriage in our conservative society creates disharmony.

In western society, live together, extramarital relationship, sex before marriage is somehow acceptable. They never ask about the legality of their children but in our society children are always recognized by the name of their father. There is also a question of harmony within the family. So, for our conservative society extramarital relationship is not suitable.

Bottom Line:

A relationship is build on the choice of individual. We cannot interfere in their choice. But everyone has to show respect to the values of society, religion, tradition, harmony. A healthy relationship is a must for a healthy life. If your relationship is build on mutual trust and respect you can avoid such extramarital romance. Try to listen your partner and give due importance. You will be fine in all respects.

Sensational Bollywood Movie Scenes!

Bollywood has produced many sensational movies and scenes. Hot actresses like Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat, Selina Jaitley, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Riya Sen, Neha Dhupia have generated many sensational scenes in Bollywood movies.

Bipasha Basu with Saif Ali Khan has made one of the most hottest scene in recent time in the film Race. It is the sauciest love making scene after the film Jism in which Bipasha is making hot love with John on beach!

In the movie Tashan, lusty Kareena Kapoor is rising from blue water and walking on the beach wearing micro bikini. It is an exceptional hot scene in Bollywood movie in recent time.

Mallika Sherawat is a sex symbol in Bollywood. She makes headlines for her sultry shots in almost all the films she acted. Her love making scene with Emraan in the movie Murder is rated as the hottest and sexiest scene in Bollywood movies.

Priyanka Chopra was very sensuous in the film Aitraaz where she made hot love with Akshay Kumar.

Riya Sen is getting unclothed in a Bollywood film. Neha Dhupia was smooched in the film Julie.

Celina Jaitley was having lusty fun with her boyfriend in a Bollywood movie. Her lusty looks and romantic lips make her more hot.

Bollywood is now in the race to catch Hollywood!

Trends in Cyber Life: How can you change your financial health?

In the cyber world there are plenty of opprtunities to gain financial benefit. The trends in cyber finance is also popular in a country like Bangladesh. You may be tempted to spicy ads of thousands profit making websites. But believe me it is not that easy. You have to work so hard to gain some profits. You have to choose a legitimate site to work on. There are some good sites from which you can gain good amount of real cash but that gain may not be up to your expectation. But don't get dishearted. If you really want to get some profit online without investing much, you can do that.

I think the best available online profit making way is publishing Google advertisements in your own website. You can do that from this part of the world as well. But for that you have to build a unique website for your products or you can build a free blog site at blogger. To monetize your site you have to open a Google Adsense account. But before creating a Google Adsense account, you have to well build your own website with original quality contents.

Here are some tips if you want to build a free blog site at blogger.

1. Choose a unique blog name and blog url.

2. Write quality original articles as many as possible regarding your blog topic.

3. Never copy paste in your blog site, always type directly at posting window.

4. Never use any image from other website or copyrighted image or article.

5. Whatever you write about your blog topic write frequently and update regularly. Be careful about spelling and grammatical mistakes. Edit your post if required.

6. Blogger blog site is automatically crawled by Google search engine so no need to worry about search engine registration.

7. Add your site to popular social blog site like Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Hi5 etc. Twitter is now a part of Google.

8. Try to comment on other similar blogs and community and social blog sites.

9. Never ever try to advertise your blog to any paid to click websites. Never use any artificial means to generate more traffic for your blog. Traffic would automatically come if you can write quality articles. Google likes natural traffic.

10. People like information. So try to write as informative articles as possible. But make sure you are not misinformed your visitors. Be sure about the authenticity of your information.

11. Allow people to comment on your blog and share their thoughts. Promptly answer if there is any query from your readers.

12. Be yourself. That's very important. keep faith in you, you can write good one. No need to write you don't know. never mislead people by your writing, be simple. Take you as you are.

13. Write about yourself. Write about your interest, your work, your dream, your wisdom. People would like that.

After doing all those things, if you think you a have good blog which can be helpful and interesting to the readers and you have a good number of visitors, you may turn to open a Google Adsense account. But before opening an adsense account you must thoroughly read the Adsense TOS and program policies. I suggest you must print a copy of adsense TOS and read it several times. Read it word by word.

After reading the TOS and program policies of Adsense you may open a Google adsense account and publish Google advertisements on your blog site. You can easily do that from your blogger blog. Handle the Google ads with much care and according to the TOS. You must strictly follow the adsense TOS. Check Google help pages for more information. If you still have any query about Google services you can contact their support service. They are very helpful.

And finally you would get the sweet result. But be patient. Only the persons with great patience can succeed in life.

10 Ways to avoid internet (dating) cheating!

In this cyber world how things could be changed you never know. Friends can become foes overnight. You may not imagine how your known person can hurt you. But there are ways to avoid such hurt. You have to be very careful when you wish to involve with someone on net.

10 ways are discussed here, following which you can avoid internet (emotional) fraud.

1. The basic for internet is never share your secrets such as personal information, email address, phone number, home address, photos, videos, job address, credit card number etc with an unknown person/stranger.

2. Never give your email address and phone number to any unknown/dubious website.

3. Think twice before you share very personal information and photos with your friends in social blog site such as Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 etc.

4. Don't accept any friend request from an unknown person. Scraping should be limited to only friends,

5. Be careful when you chat over messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc. Don't click the unknown link, it could be spam, could be embarrassing for you. Don't put your personal information in public chat room.

6. Webcam should be used only with the person you know well. Never use webcam with your distant friend whom you know only over internet.

7. Don't rush to anyone who uses tempting words and gorgeous photos in his/her profile. He/she may use fake information.

8. Control your emotion when you meet an unknown person on internet. You may be exploited if you are over emotional.

9. Never share your password with any of your friends, even trusted friends. There is a tendency among some young people to exchange password to show their trust. This is not good for a healthy realtionship. Everyone has her/his very personal things.

10. Think thrice before meeting your online date in person. Try to cross check her/his identity before meeting. If meet, meet in an open place.

Dating Trends: Dark side of online romance!

Online dating is a common phenomenon nowadays. Now cyber savvy people can't think a day without internet. Dating is not only limited to young people but also matured persons. Online dating is very popular to the educated young people including teenagers. easy access to internet made this type of dating popular. I am talking about dating which involves emotion. Making friends online is fine but making love over internet is sometimes very dangerous. Many people are there in the Cyber world whose intention is to exploit girls/boys. mainly girls are the victimes of internet dating. We can see many examples of this kind of miseries of girls especially from conservative societies.

People usually engage over internet are not intended to become life partners but they pretend to be like that. I think girls are more emotional than boys. So when they have any emotional relationship with anyone then they are somehow blind about that guy. They are ready to do virtually anything for their partners. may be they are innocent. Yes, girsl easily trust their boyfriends. This is the mistake they make even on internet.

Well, internet dating is sometimes dangerous because in many cases opposite partner is unknown. Geographic location, religion, culture, education etc may be different. You never know if the person you are talking to is lying or not. Even a known person can cheat you over internet foe patty interest.

It is a common perception that young people when talk internet talk about love and sex more than any other topics. That's the problem for both the partners. When two partners talk about love and sex days after days they may be tempted to exchange photos and adult contents. Instant messengers and webcam are the easiest way to do such thing. When a girl show her sensitive photos to her boyfriend and share live talks over webcam, she may bring miseries in her if the boyfriend betray. There are lots of examples of webcam scandals are available on cyber world. Girls should be aware of that.

Teenagers can easily be exploited over internet. Matured guys can exploit teenage girls. it is the duty of guardians to check if their children are addicted to internet chatting and even love making. Sharing secrets to an unknown guy can be dangerous for a teenage girl.

Bottom line:

Internet is an easy and cost saving way to interact with people. Everyone should use it for good purpose. exploiting others is a crime. Cyber law should be applied to deal with such crime.

Mobile Market in Bangladesh

Mobile market in Bangladesh has been grown rapidly in last few years. But the growth has been slowdown in the first five months of 2009. Decline in growth is believed to be due to high tax (Tk 800) on SIM. The total number of mobile phone customers was 46.50 million in April 2009. There are six mobile companies are operating in Bangladesh. They are Grameenphone, Banglalink, Aktel, CityCell, Warid and TeleTalk.

Grameenphone (GP) owned by Norwegian Telenor, is the largest mobile phone provider which has 21.02 million customers in April 2009. GP has extensive network coverage all over Bangaldesh. TeleTalk is the only state run mobile phone operator which has average call rate as low as Tk. 0.66 per minute to any operator where the average call rate in Bangladesh is around Tk. 1.00 per minute. Only CityCell, which is the oldest of six, provides CDMA service and rest five provide GSM service.

Online Shopping and Cell phone marketing in Bangladesh!

Internet and mobile phone bring revolution in communication and online marketing in Bangladesh. Online shopping specially marketing via cell phone is getting popular in Bangladesh. The biggest success in this new concept is cellbazaar! It is a new craze in online and cell phone shopping and trading business. It's an initiative of Grameenphone. It's a brand now.

Revolution in mobile phone give the prospective traders trade at this site. Everything is now available at this site. Anyone can shop at cellbazaar via cell phone. Even a person in remote area of Bangladesh can now shop at this bazaar. It is like usual e-commerce site. Anyone can add and sell products of various categories old and new at this site. Payment is made to the respestive sellers by the buyers. It's popular business of young people. People can buy good things at relatively cheaper rate.

3G and WiMAX Technology in Bangladesh!

Bangladeshi mobile phone users will be able to enjoy the 3G (3rd Generation) and WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology by June 2009. Three companies, Bangla Lion Communications, Brac Bdmail Network Ltd and Aguri Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd, have already won licenses to operate WiMAX or Broadband Wireless Access in Bangladesh. But only one firm Aguri Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd, received the license on payment of the required fee of Tk 215 crore in time. Other two firms failed to pay the fee because of world wide financial crisis. Although one firm, BRAC Bdmail has already declined the license.

Bangladesh telecom regulator (BTRC) announced earlier that it would issue 3G licenses by March 2009 when WiMax would be ready for launch. But it was delayed for reviewing the whole licensing procedure. BTRC is now thinking of lowering the licensing fees. Experts said licensing the 2100 MHz spectrum for 3G services would enable Bangladesh operators to launch mobile broadband services, with which customers can get fast and easy access to the internet and other online services.

The GSM signal covers about 95 percent of Bangladesh's area, but the mobile broadband market remains untapped. If mobile broadband can be provided at affordable costs, the number of subscribers of 47 million will reach 70 million by 2011.

Bangladesh has the world's lowest internet usage rate, having less than 1 percent internet penetration. The whole broadband market is dominated by local ISPs.

Many 3G enable mobile sets are already in use in Bangladesh. So the mobile operators could find it easy to launch the 3G technology among some prospective users. 3G and WiMax could bring revolution in already booming mobile telecom industry in Bangladesh.

Dream for a Big Future!

The whole world is in the state of economic uncertainty after one of the biggest economic crisis in America in the history. The election of Barack Obama gives the world a big hope to consolidate economic situation and head towards further progress. Some Astrologers have already predicted that the economic crisis could prolong up to 2010. President Bush’s 700 billion dollars bailout plan have saved many big American multinational financial companies from complete collapse but it might not be sufficient to overcome the over all economic condition. Obama needs to work very hard to bring the American economy out of crisis and direct towards progress. The whole world’s economy somehow depends on the US economy and so the positive change in America will positively affect the economy of other countries.

The economic crisis which started with the crisis in mortgage sector in the US directly affected the finance and banking sectors, stock market, and petroleum industry of the world. Europe, Russia, Japan, Asia all are in economic trouble. One the major effect of this crisis is the decreasing price of oil and other commodities. Because of this price change some may gain some may lose but over all economy will not be benefited.

The whole world is waiting for a positive change in America under Obama. He is a visonery dreamer. He could lead the US and the world towards a bright future.

Business Education in Dhaka!

MBA is a craze in Bangladesh nowadays! Employer in Bangladesh now prefer MBA graduates to any graduates from other discipline. But frankly speaking, it's now becomes a fashion to have an MBA somehow. Most universities in Dhaka offer MBA degree. BBA is also offered by all most all the universities in Dhaka.

The best business school in Bangladesh is the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) of Dhaka University. Among the public universities IBA and Faculty of Business Studies of Dhaka University provide quality BBA and MBA degrees.

Most private universities in Dhaka also offer BBA and MBA. But standard of education of these private universities are always questionable in general. But few private universities like North South University, Independent University, East West University, BRAC University provide comparatively better standard business education degrees.

IBA is the pioneer of MBA degree in Bangladesh. MBA from IBA is the most desirable degree in Bangladesh among younger generation. There is a tremendous demand of MBA graduates of IBA among the best employers in private sector of Bangladesh.

Although MBA is preferable in job market but most private universities fail to produce quality MBA graduates. The standard of MBA is going down due to very commercial mentality of some private universities. If the the standard of education is not improved then MBA graduates from the substandard private universities will face unemployment in coming days. MBA will be burden for poorly educated students of private universities.

Trends in Deshi Romance!

Young people in western society nowadays are reluctant to get married. So they opt for live together. They are making love and having sex before marriage. Sex before marriage is a common phenomena in western societies. A love child is welcomed there. But in a conservative society like Bangladesh is different. Sex before marriage is unthinkable in our society. But things are changing rapidly now. The effect of satellite channels and Hindi/English movies are instrumental on our young generation. They always tend to follow the western cultures. Young people are always looking for something adventurous, something funny and something enjoyable. They wanna enjoy every bit of time.

If we follow the recent trend of romance in Bangladesh we would see a very alarming situation. A large number of young people are having romance. Many of them hardly bother the culture of our society. In Bangladesh it is now become fashion to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Many young people feels deprived if they don’t have boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, plain friendship and love making is different. I am talking about love making, about romance. The era of platonic love is just over. So now love means romance as well as some fun in the form of some kinda sex. I won’t say all the people who are having affairs have sex. But a certain portion of couples are having sex during the time of romance. That is, sex before marriage. Well, pregnancy before marriage is a common phenomena in western society but in our society it is not acceptable at all and it has no legal value. What I feel recent trend of romance in Bangladesh is really alarming. Nowadays even school going teenagers are having affairs and in the process making sex which is unthinkable in our society. Although they are doing all those things very secretly but any accidental cause can create disaster for them. Unwanted pregnancy, blackmailing, negative physical and mental effect and great risk of having STD are the major consequences of premarital sex. Teenage sex has negative impact on study as well.

The mobile phone and internet negatively affect our new generation. These easy instruments of communication help youths to get in touch with their friends constantly and frequently. Internet chatting and use of webcam bring revolution in dating. If we think about physiology then it is quite impossible to remain untouched during dating. Some couples are having sex when they fail to control themselves during dating and of course if they have suitable environment. You cannot make real sex in open place even in park which is considered as safe haven for dating.

The burning question is should young people who are dating have sex before marriage? It really has no direct answer. It depends on individual choice and desire. But if we consider our culture, our social values it is obvious that sex before marriage in our society is totally unacceptable. Yes it is true that the young people who are having sex during dating time are doing secretly. The guardians, the mass, the society might not know these kinda romance but Y generation must be informed about the consequences of premarital sex. Another matter is safe sex! Youths are quite aware about safe sex, about protection but still sex before marriage is always risky.

Some people always argue that if a girl make sex with his boyfriend whom she passionately loves, then what’s wrong with that? Well, I think it’s philosophical rather practical. Yes mutual trust is so important in a good relationship but sex and marriage is different thing. Well, say, you love and trust someone and in the process you have sex. You can escape if you have safe sex but what happen if you have unsafe sex. You cannot guarantee the safety of sex during dating. Anything can happen. Unwanted pregnancy is a real consequence. It has negative impact in life even if you would be able to marry the person who is responsible for your pregnancy. I think in our society when a girl become pregnant after marriage she feels great but when she becomes pregnant before marriage she really feels bad. So be always careful!

Big Adda in Dhaka!

Bangalees are always famous for their addas. Dhakaiyas are not different. Adda in rocks is not seen that much these days but still in old Dhaka some people are having fun with addas on their rock-yards. Addas are different from area to area. Old Dhaka has one kinda adda, new Dhaka has one kinda adda and people of business town have different type of adda. The best place for addas for young generation is Dhaka University campus area. Not only are the students many people of different ages also having fun at Dhaka University campus. Madhur Canteen is still the best place for political adda, mainly for young leaders. Afternoon and Evening are the best time for hangout.

Bailey Road is another popular hangout place in Dhaka. Bailey Road is famous for its theater and it is also home of few popular girls’ college. Basically young people are having addas at Bailey road. Both sides of the road are always full of fun loving youths in the evening. Many fast food shops including ice cream parlor are doing heavy business in this area. Both the KFC and Pizza Hut are going to open their outlets here soon. This will add more popularity to already popular Bailey Road.

Adda in Old Dhaka is mainly rock yard based. Both young and old generations are having addas in Old Dhaka. In posh areas of Dhaka like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, addas are based on restaurants and fast food shops. All the world famous fast food chains such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominous etc. are situated at Gulshan. Fast food shop based adda is popular in new Dhaka.

Nowadays private university campus in posh areas is growing as a place of addas for students and rich young people. At Dhanmondi, English medium school students are having fun at their school campus and side of roads. Some popular shopping malls are also becoming popular hangout place for youths. Rifle Square, Bashundhara City, New Market are the major shopping malls for hangout.

Revolution of Internet and mobile phone is the main culprit of diminishing addas of Dhakaiyas. Bangalees are now advancing very fast and younger generation is becoming introvert day by day. Young educated Bangalees are more interested to remain at home and passing time on internet and mobile phone. Many young people don’t know what is outside adda is all about. People are talking about bangalees are forgetting their addas. Many guardians are reluctant to allow their children to go outside and having adda with friends and fellows. Yes adda has a negative side but one can’t grow well if he/she doesn’t know what about outside world is.

Dating and adda is different. Many couples are dating in those popular hangout places and they hardly join group addas. They are having their own fun in the form of romance but group adda is the pure fun. And Bangalees shouldn’t forget their addas.

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