Big Adda in Dhaka!

Bangalees are always famous for their addas. Dhakaiyas are not different. Adda in rocks is not seen that much these days but still in old Dhaka some people are having fun with addas on their rock-yards. Addas are different from area to area. Old Dhaka has one kinda adda, new Dhaka has one kinda adda and people of business town have different type of adda. The best place for addas for young generation is Dhaka University campus area. Not only are the students many people of different ages also having fun at Dhaka University campus. Madhur Canteen is still the best place for political adda, mainly for young leaders. Afternoon and Evening are the best time for hangout.

Bailey Road is another popular hangout place in Dhaka. Bailey Road is famous for its theater and it is also home of few popular girls’ college. Basically young people are having addas at Bailey road. Both sides of the road are always full of fun loving youths in the evening. Many fast food shops including ice cream parlor are doing heavy business in this area. Both the KFC and Pizza Hut are going to open their outlets here soon. This will add more popularity to already popular Bailey Road.

Adda in Old Dhaka is mainly rock yard based. Both young and old generations are having addas in Old Dhaka. In posh areas of Dhaka like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, addas are based on restaurants and fast food shops. All the world famous fast food chains such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominous etc. are situated at Gulshan. Fast food shop based adda is popular in new Dhaka.

Nowadays private university campus in posh areas is growing as a place of addas for students and rich young people. At Dhanmondi, English medium school students are having fun at their school campus and side of roads. Some popular shopping malls are also becoming popular hangout place for youths. Rifle Square, Bashundhara City, New Market are the major shopping malls for hangout.

Revolution of Internet and mobile phone is the main culprit of diminishing addas of Dhakaiyas. Bangalees are now advancing very fast and younger generation is becoming introvert day by day. Young educated Bangalees are more interested to remain at home and passing time on internet and mobile phone. Many young people don’t know what is outside adda is all about. People are talking about bangalees are forgetting their addas. Many guardians are reluctant to allow their children to go outside and having adda with friends and fellows. Yes adda has a negative side but one can’t grow well if he/she doesn’t know what about outside world is.

Dating and adda is different. Many couples are dating in those popular hangout places and they hardly join group addas. They are having their own fun in the form of romance but group adda is the pure fun. And Bangalees shouldn’t forget their addas.

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