Trends in Deshi Romance!

Young people in western society nowadays are reluctant to get married. So they opt for live together. They are making love and having sex before marriage. Sex before marriage is a common phenomena in western societies. A love child is welcomed there. But in a conservative society like Bangladesh is different. Sex before marriage is unthinkable in our society. But things are changing rapidly now. The effect of satellite channels and Hindi/English movies are instrumental on our young generation. They always tend to follow the western cultures. Young people are always looking for something adventurous, something funny and something enjoyable. They wanna enjoy every bit of time.

If we follow the recent trend of romance in Bangladesh we would see a very alarming situation. A large number of young people are having romance. Many of them hardly bother the culture of our society. In Bangladesh it is now become fashion to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Many young people feels deprived if they don’t have boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, plain friendship and love making is different. I am talking about love making, about romance. The era of platonic love is just over. So now love means romance as well as some fun in the form of some kinda sex. I won’t say all the people who are having affairs have sex. But a certain portion of couples are having sex during the time of romance. That is, sex before marriage. Well, pregnancy before marriage is a common phenomena in western society but in our society it is not acceptable at all and it has no legal value. What I feel recent trend of romance in Bangladesh is really alarming. Nowadays even school going teenagers are having affairs and in the process making sex which is unthinkable in our society. Although they are doing all those things very secretly but any accidental cause can create disaster for them. Unwanted pregnancy, blackmailing, negative physical and mental effect and great risk of having STD are the major consequences of premarital sex. Teenage sex has negative impact on study as well.

The mobile phone and internet negatively affect our new generation. These easy instruments of communication help youths to get in touch with their friends constantly and frequently. Internet chatting and use of webcam bring revolution in dating. If we think about physiology then it is quite impossible to remain untouched during dating. Some couples are having sex when they fail to control themselves during dating and of course if they have suitable environment. You cannot make real sex in open place even in park which is considered as safe haven for dating.

The burning question is should young people who are dating have sex before marriage? It really has no direct answer. It depends on individual choice and desire. But if we consider our culture, our social values it is obvious that sex before marriage in our society is totally unacceptable. Yes it is true that the young people who are having sex during dating time are doing secretly. The guardians, the mass, the society might not know these kinda romance but Y generation must be informed about the consequences of premarital sex. Another matter is safe sex! Youths are quite aware about safe sex, about protection but still sex before marriage is always risky.

Some people always argue that if a girl make sex with his boyfriend whom she passionately loves, then what’s wrong with that? Well, I think it’s philosophical rather practical. Yes mutual trust is so important in a good relationship but sex and marriage is different thing. Well, say, you love and trust someone and in the process you have sex. You can escape if you have safe sex but what happen if you have unsafe sex. You cannot guarantee the safety of sex during dating. Anything can happen. Unwanted pregnancy is a real consequence. It has negative impact in life even if you would be able to marry the person who is responsible for your pregnancy. I think in our society when a girl become pregnant after marriage she feels great but when she becomes pregnant before marriage she really feels bad. So be always careful!

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