Business Education in Dhaka!

MBA is a craze in Bangladesh nowadays! Employer in Bangladesh now prefer MBA graduates to any graduates from other discipline. But frankly speaking, it's now becomes a fashion to have an MBA somehow. Most universities in Dhaka offer MBA degree. BBA is also offered by all most all the universities in Dhaka.

The best business school in Bangladesh is the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) of Dhaka University. Among the public universities IBA and Faculty of Business Studies of Dhaka University provide quality BBA and MBA degrees.

Most private universities in Dhaka also offer BBA and MBA. But standard of education of these private universities are always questionable in general. But few private universities like North South University, Independent University, East West University, BRAC University provide comparatively better standard business education degrees.

IBA is the pioneer of MBA degree in Bangladesh. MBA from IBA is the most desirable degree in Bangladesh among younger generation. There is a tremendous demand of MBA graduates of IBA among the best employers in private sector of Bangladesh.

Although MBA is preferable in job market but most private universities fail to produce quality MBA graduates. The standard of MBA is going down due to very commercial mentality of some private universities. If the the standard of education is not improved then MBA graduates from the substandard private universities will face unemployment in coming days. MBA will be burden for poorly educated students of private universities.

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