How to earn money on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular website in the internet world. Facebook brings revolution in social networking and linking friends and business. This hugely popular social networking site can be instrumental to earn money. The question is: How to make money on Facebook? There are several ways to make money on Facebook:

1. Networking with friends and marketing your own business for free.

2. Create a group or forum and advertise your referral or affiliate link.

3. Create a group on your business name and drive traffic to your website.

4. Post your Adsense website on your wall or group and drive more traffic.

5. Integrate Facebook with Twitter and drive more traffic to your designated website.

6. Advertise your products on Facebook. Facebook’s self-serve ad system offers extremely targeted advertising on both a CPC and CPM basis at cheaper rate.

7. Share your thoughts with other Facebook marketers and in the process get more traffic for your business site.

8. Promote your sites via discussion in other forums or groups created by other members.

And there are more ways to promote your products on Facebook and earn easy money.

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