How To Make Money Online With Keyword Trading?

There are several ways to make money  online, the latest addition is keyword trading! Yes it is possible to earn good amount of money online by trading keywords. The keywords basically means Google Adsense Keywords and other popular search terms on internet.

What are the  Keyword Trading Platform?

There are several site which offer keywords trading. The most popular keywords trading platforms are: Kulesearch and Tagvillage. tagVillage is the pioneer of keywords trading. Kulesearch is another one. Tagvillage is the most popular tag (keyword) trading platform.You can join these two sites for free but to start keyword trading you have to invest some money. $5 is the minimum investment. All the two sites accept AlertPay so it is easy for international members to join.

How you can earn money by trading keywords?

The simple answer is buy low sell high, the traditional way of making trading business. In Tagvillage, minimum price of a keyword is 10 cents whereas in Kulesearch the minimum price is 20 cents. So you can buy a keyword as low as 10 cents but when you sell the word you will get 15% more that's 12 cents. This is the business of keywords. All these sites also offer weekly profit share as per the trading activities. So you can also earn good amount of money weekly as well.

Are they legit and paying?

Yes they are legit sites and officially incorporated. All the sites are paying regularly via AlertPay.

How much money can be earned from keyword trading?

This  is a tricky question. Your earning depends on your overall trading activities. It also depend on your investment. I invested only $100 in tagVillage. I already withdrew over $500. I am getting daily profit share. And I also earn from keywords selling. My inventory size is over 3000 keywords and inventory value is over $2000.

So if you want to earn money online in a different way Keywords trading is the best option.

You can learn more here.


  1. Hi Parimal, Help me how to start?


    1. Hello Rafiq,

      How you doing? keyword trading is getting popular these days. tagVillage is the pioneer of keyword trading and also users owned keyword targeted ads which generate much money. Join tagVillage and you will see the big potential of earning money. Click on the You can learn more "here" and join tagVillage. I will contact you immediately and help you start!


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