How to write a Google Friendly Content?

Content of a blog is very important to attract more traffic and index by Google. Google always loves fresh original content relevant to your blog or website. Whatever is your topic, write original content, Google dislike duplicate contents. Here are some tips to write a Google friendly content.

1. Originality: Whatever you write, write original one. Write a simple and easy article on your selected topic. Uniqueness of your content is very important, Google reads unique article.

2. Relevancy: The article you write should be relevant to your website/blog topic and your article title. Use appropriate keywords relevant to your topic.

3. Use Text: Google doesn't index image or videos so when you write an article use texts as much as possible. Using few relevant photos may be good to improve content quality but Google likes text.

4. Keywords: Use relevant keywords in your content to increase the chance of indexing more by Google. You may also check with keywords tool to see which are the relevant keywords and what is the hot keywords trends but never use useless irrelevant keywords.

5. Backlinks: Use social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc to link with your contents. Using Twitter can also increase the traffic to your content. Using backlinks of other relevant articles can lead more traffic to your content and increase the search relevancy. Google always search the page which has external link.

If you follow above tips and write purely original content you can easily attract Google to your page.

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