10 Ways to avoid internet (dating) cheating!

In this cyber world how things could be changed you never know. Friends can become foes overnight. You may not imagine how your known person can hurt you. But there are ways to avoid such hurt. You have to be very careful when you wish to involve with someone on net.

10 ways are discussed here, following which you can avoid internet (emotional) fraud.

1. The basic for internet is never share your secrets such as personal information, email address, phone number, home address, photos, videos, job address, credit card number etc with an unknown person/stranger.

2. Never give your email address and phone number to any unknown/dubious website.

3. Think twice before you share very personal information and photos with your friends in social blog site such as Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 etc.

4. Don't accept any friend request from an unknown person. Scraping should be limited to only friends,

5. Be careful when you chat over messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc. Don't click the unknown link, it could be spam, could be embarrassing for you. Don't put your personal information in public chat room.

6. Webcam should be used only with the person you know well. Never use webcam with your distant friend whom you know only over internet.

7. Don't rush to anyone who uses tempting words and gorgeous photos in his/her profile. He/she may use fake information.

8. Control your emotion when you meet an unknown person on internet. You may be exploited if you are over emotional.

9. Never share your password with any of your friends, even trusted friends. There is a tendency among some young people to exchange password to show their trust. This is not good for a healthy realtionship. Everyone has her/his very personal things.

10. Think thrice before meeting your online date in person. Try to cross check her/his identity before meeting. If meet, meet in an open place.

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