Mobile Internet in Bangladesh: A new trend!

Internet is now very popular in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis first started to use internet in early nineties. Now internet service is available in every district of Bangladesh. Outside major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi people usually use Dial-up internet service. In Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet people usually use broadband internet service.

Although Bangladesh is now connected with the international submarine cable consortium, internet speed is still very low. A few kbs download speed is really poor comparing international standard. BTCL is the largest govt' internet service provider in Bangladesh. They provide both dial-up and broadband service. Private ISPs usually provide broadband internet service now, some ISPs still provide dial-up service though.

Out of two types of internet service a new type of internet service is emerged in Bangladesh. That is mobile internet service. All the mobile phone service providers now offer Wap and mobile internet service. Average cost for 1 kb download is BDT. 0.02 Some cell phone companies now offer internet modem. GrameenPhone offers USB EDGE/GPRS internet modem to use in both Desktop and Laptop computers. Citycell offers ZOOM CDMA internet modem.

Mobile internet is a new trend in Bangladesh. Educated people from all over the country now use mobile internet. If a person have a GPRS or EDGE enabled mobile set he can use internet and join the world of web easily. The major advantage of mobile internet in Bangladesh is that a subscriber can use internet from anywhere of the country where mobile network exist.

Largest mobile phone company Grameenphone also provide wap based contents by their wap site. Users can download favorite contents from GP wap site at a fixed cost. Cellbaazar is a new concept of e-commerce which is very popular in Bangladesh. By using Cell phone a subscriber now can trade at Cellbazaar and earn money.

3G and WiMax service will be introduced soon in Bangladesh. These technology can bring revolution in mobile internet service in Bangladesh.


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