Can humor add spice to life?

Our daily life is full of anxieties, difficulties and concerns. Our life is becoming more difficult day by day. We cannot guarantee a happy life all through our life time. We have to go through bad patches in some stages of life. When life is full of miseries and dullness kills the time, we ought to look for remedies. Then humor can be handy to heal the pain of life.

Humor can make us laugh and smile. When we can laugh freely, we can forget our concerns, we can divert our disturbed mind and in the process we can add spice to our life.
How humor can be helpful in time of our difficulties?
  • Humor can make us laugh
  • Humor can decrease our anxieties
  • It can increase joy in our life
  • It can divert our disturbed mind to think differently
  • It can instantly change the state of mind
  • Humor can bring us together
  • It can add more spice to deshi adda
  • It can make any discussion lively
  • Humor can clear the heavy air around us
We need spice in our life to forget the real anxieties of life. Humor may not give us the solution of problems we are facing but it can instantly help us at least think differently for a realistic solution. But we have to use humor carefully. Excess and irrelevant humor can bring more disturbances in mind instead of refreshing mind. A timely and relevant interesting humor can make things easier. If we can take life easily in the time of difficulties, we can overcome any problem.

A good humor can add spice to our life but a bad humor can spoil our life. So if we want to get rid of pain of our life, we need to be more humorous. This world is full of joy for a person who loves humor and use humor. Humor is a great healer of pain. It can really bring joy to our life.

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