Text message (SMS): A new trend in mobile phone communication!

Text messaging is a new trend in mobile phone communication. SMS is the easiest and cheapest way to send message over mobile phone. It is the best way to send message to any mobile receiver without disturbing that person, for example calling a person when he is in meeting.

In common sense we can say it is a good way to communicate with friends. But there should be a limit of sending sms. Sending hundred of sms in a day for nothing but flirting is not good at all for anyone. Specially teenagers and students should be aware of the bad impact of excessive sms. Sending text message all day long can hamper your study, can hamper your sleep, and can hamper your daily life.

Many teenagers and students are addicted to text message all over the world. Even in a country like Bangladesh youg people are over addicted to sms. It's a new trend in Bangladesh now. Some mobile phone operators in Bangladesh offer certain number of free sms to their customers on various conditions. Teenagers and students take this opportunity as hot cake and increase their addiction to text message.

Lets check how young people can be hurt by over addiction to sms.
  • Senders use short form of word, sometimes code to write sms. This will hamper their knowledge of word and their spelling. In the USA, some school found that some of their students who are addicted to text message write such short form of words in their exam papers.
  • Excessive text message can hamper study a lot. Sending hundred of sms can take long time which kills your study and sleeping.
  • Exchange of sex talks and adult jokes over mobile phone in the form of text message is another major bad impact of sms.
  • Addiction to anything is bad for a person. It creates psychological problem for teenagers.
  • A person can be exploited and black-mailed by bad text message. It can even create misunderstanding between the two partners.
Well, text message is a good way to send message but young people especially the teenagers and students should not be over addicted to text message. Use text message if you require that. Don't use text message for simply flirting with anyone, it can kill your valuable time.

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