Trends in Deshi Love: Dark side of deshi romance!

Love comes from heaven, it's a popular perception. Decent romance can add spice to life, it is also true. But a new trend in love and romance which emerge in Bangladesh recently is really alarming. If you are a Bangladeshi and you surf the internet you will be thundered to find so many adult contents involving our young generation. Yes all most all of the videos and photos are captured by hidden cam.

It is true that the era of platonic love is over. Now love means high emotional romance, romance that involves physical touch. Love and romance are secret matters of individuals and none should have anything to say about that. And there is ethical laws to respect their privacy. But sometimes things go beyond that privacy boundary and go public. Then the real problem arise.

Our society is a conservative society. But easy access to highly sensitive internet and movies and satellite channels gives our younger generation the opportunity to be more adventurous for making emotional romance. Young blood can easily rush to the sensational part of their romance by watching hot movies and adult contents on internet. Mobile phone adds more fire to that blood of our young guns.

With the advent of digital camera embedded mobile phones, the practice of capturing secret love making has become common nowadays in our country. It's really a dangerous trend in making love and romance.

How things can happen?

Falling love with a boy is natural for a girl. Girls are usually very emotional and once a girl loves a boy, she blindly trusts her boyfriend. This blind love cost girls very badly. Whatever we call them; boyfriends, lovers, best friends, well wishers and even relatives are the culprits for this heinous act of capturing their girlfriends making secret love in secret camera. The female partners are completely unaware of the presence of the shooting.

Not all the boyfriends are bad. Only a small portion of boys inject such venom in our society which make all the dignified individuals feel embarrassed. Some people say they are the jealous or dumped boyfriends who take revenge by sharing videos and photos of their girl friends' secret love. Most of the victims of these heinous acts come from educated middle class families, and are the students of different universities.

The use of MMS adds more fuel to this unethical activity of some bad guys. It is astonishing to learn that some of the bad boyfriends intentionally trap the innocent girls in their juicy love affairs and exploit them in the name of love. Some of these evil young boys even sell these secret love making videos to the professional dealers at high price. They then sell these videos as hot cake to the young university and college students, even school students. Some students of famous schools in Dhaka are believed to be addicted to the adult contents and affairs.

Teenagers are more adventurous than matured persons. So they take adult things as adventure and they tempt to do such things themselves. Digital camera embedded mobile phone is a fashion and must for rich young people in Bangladesh. And some of them use this very cool instrument to catch secret parts of girls and their secret love making.

I think young children must be taught about the values of our society and ethical aspects of life to stop such bad practice. Use of web cam must be limited to check on live sharing of photos and secret parts of body. Girls should also be taught and learned about the heinous act of some boyfriends. They should be aware of the intention of her boyfriend and should avoid any kind of secret love making if there is any doubt about her boyfriend.

If we all follow the values of religion and our tradition, we can avoid such miseries of girls. There should a strict cyber law to check such adult contents uploading to internet. Privacy law should be enforced stringently. We also need to start a mass awareness campaign to prevent such crimes. Children must be provided enough opportunities to spend their spare time for healthy work and extracurricular activities.

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