Trends in Cyber Life: How can you change your financial health?

In the cyber world there are plenty of opprtunities to gain financial benefit. The trends in cyber finance is also popular in a country like Bangladesh. You may be tempted to spicy ads of thousands profit making websites. But believe me it is not that easy. You have to work so hard to gain some profits. You have to choose a legitimate site to work on. There are some good sites from which you can gain good amount of real cash but that gain may not be up to your expectation. But don't get dishearted. If you really want to get some profit online without investing much, you can do that.

I think the best available online profit making way is publishing Google advertisements in your own website. You can do that from this part of the world as well. But for that you have to build a unique website for your products or you can build a free blog site at blogger. To monetize your site you have to open a Google Adsense account. But before creating a Google Adsense account, you have to well build your own website with original quality contents.

Here are some tips if you want to build a free blog site at blogger.

1. Choose a unique blog name and blog url.

2. Write quality original articles as many as possible regarding your blog topic.

3. Never copy paste in your blog site, always type directly at posting window.

4. Never use any image from other website or copyrighted image or article.

5. Whatever you write about your blog topic write frequently and update regularly. Be careful about spelling and grammatical mistakes. Edit your post if required.

6. Blogger blog site is automatically crawled by Google search engine so no need to worry about search engine registration.

7. Add your site to popular social blog site like Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Hi5 etc. Twitter is now a part of Google.

8. Try to comment on other similar blogs and community and social blog sites.

9. Never ever try to advertise your blog to any paid to click websites. Never use any artificial means to generate more traffic for your blog. Traffic would automatically come if you can write quality articles. Google likes natural traffic.

10. People like information. So try to write as informative articles as possible. But make sure you are not misinformed your visitors. Be sure about the authenticity of your information.

11. Allow people to comment on your blog and share their thoughts. Promptly answer if there is any query from your readers.

12. Be yourself. That's very important. keep faith in you, you can write good one. No need to write you don't know. never mislead people by your writing, be simple. Take you as you are.

13. Write about yourself. Write about your interest, your work, your dream, your wisdom. People would like that.

After doing all those things, if you think you a have good blog which can be helpful and interesting to the readers and you have a good number of visitors, you may turn to open a Google Adsense account. But before opening an adsense account you must thoroughly read the Adsense TOS and program policies. I suggest you must print a copy of adsense TOS and read it several times. Read it word by word.

After reading the TOS and program policies of Adsense you may open a Google adsense account and publish Google advertisements on your blog site. You can easily do that from your blogger blog. Handle the Google ads with much care and according to the TOS. You must strictly follow the adsense TOS. Check Google help pages for more information. If you still have any query about Google services you can contact their support service. They are very helpful.

And finally you would get the sweet result. But be patient. Only the persons with great patience can succeed in life.

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