Nokia launch Ovi Mail in Bangladesh!

Nokia the leading mobile phone manufacturer launched Nokia Ovi Mail in Bangladeshi in May 2009. Nokia Ovi mail has the potential to help people have a digital identity. This new solution can open the door to information, entertainment, family and friends.

The Ovi mail is an email service from Nokia that can be set up and used directly from the affordable Nokia phone without having a PC touched. Ovi Mail is a cost effective and affordable means to communicate with friends. It also supports attachment and enables picture communication

All the N-Series and E-Series Nokia device are Ovi enable. But these device are quite costly in Bangladesh. So Nokia plans to introduce new cheap and user friendly device for Bangladesh market. Nokia 2323 Classic, Nokia 2330 classic and Nokia 2730 classic will be available in Bangladesh soon. These device are cheap and internet-ready and work with Ovi Mail.

It is estimated that there are about 45 million mobile set in Bangladesh where as number of internet users is only about 1 million. So there is a potential of about 4 million people who can use mobile internet and Ovi Mail. Nokia wants to tap this huge market of mobile internet by launching Ovi Mail service in Bangladesh.

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