Romantic Deshi Bangla songs!

Bangalees always love romantic and classical Bangla songs. Today's songs are basically noisy and so much instrumental. Rocks and Pops are the craze for young people. Band music is the love of young generation. But still some romantic and classical deshi songs rock the country time to time. Some of the recent songs are really very pleasant and popular. Enjoy some cool popular Bangla romantic songs.

Ami Swapno Dekhbo Bole-Moushumi Bhoumick

Megh Balika-Mahmuduzzaman Babu

Ajhor Brishti- Balam

Ek Paye Nupur Amar- Anila and Topu

Gaibona Aar Kono Gaan- Sumon and Anila

Ekta Gopon Katha-Topu

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